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Local Elections 2018

To those going to vote today but more so to those who aren’t.


You can tick one of the boxes, sure, but you should know that you can spoil your voting card too; letting them know that none of them will do.

You can let them know that you’re apathetic, not because you’re a lazy and self-entitled generation but because the system doesn’t speak to you. Because you expect more in a world that’s moving at 1000mph than a system that refuses to keep up can provide.

Don’t let them use your absence against you. The world you live in belongs to you and you’re told on the regular that it doesn’t. It’s kept on a carrot and stick, painfully out of reach with enough of a scent to keep you drooling and hungry.

We’ll never tell you who you should vote for, difference in opinion is what creates conversation and compromise which ultimately leads to a better world for us all. But don’t settle for less just because you think you have to.

Be. Fucking. Heard.

Triggered Tuesday #001

Love Me

'I am not the enemy'

<UPDATED JANUARY 2017> Available on all major streaming platforms.

Triggered Tuesday is now officially a thing.

It doesn't always come at 12am sharp but it always comes. Always. Whether it's on a Tuesday or not is irrelevant. Getting hung up on the details is for losers, like us. 

Anyhow, we're super wet to present to you, Triggered Tuesday #001 - Love Me

It's short but urgent. Recorded in our room, Love Me is a clearing of our chest into your face.

Thanks for taking it like a champ.

We're aiming, from here on out, to release a piece of music every month. Recording in our rehearsal space, taking DIY by the horns.

They will all be available on Spotify etc. Unfortunately, our digital distributor buggered off for Christmas and won't upload this to major streaming services till January.

Sorry but you'll just have to hear it on either SoundCloud or Bandcamp, both of which work perfectly fine on your phone and on your computer so relax...


Love's burst, what's worse, no gain

Long term, short term, all yearn


Feel it, changing, phasing


I want, you want,

We want this, you want that

You never give back to me


Suck it up, swill it round

I can't believe you'd put me in your fucking mouth

What is this, I've become

I can not stop bleeding on this mess I've done


I am not the enemy, why won't you love me

I am not the enemy, why won't you love me

I am not the enemy, why won't you love me

I am not the enemy, why won't you love me