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Thumb Vlog - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9?

It's 2018 and we were lazy as fuck towards Christmas. We took loads of footage and edited none of it.

So here it is... All of it. Dodgy as ever.

Covering Kazoopa, 1in12, Al's Dime Bar and Trash.

Featuring (in no particular order), Nova Hands, Blank Atlas, Kram (RIP), Pak40, Hoamin, Apogee and Sonia Sandhu - vegan chef

Thumb Vlog - 003

The ‘Hat-Trick’ Tour

Covering our three show in a row, 'hat-trick tour', on which we played Sheffield, Darwen and Leeds. Behind the scenes, from rehearsal room to stage and a cheeky interview with Pfaff thrown in for good measure.

4 beers, Damen... And his, old, speckled, hen...

Bands featured: Territorial Gobbing, Vogons, Pfaff and Let's Swim Get Swimming.