Triggered Tuesday #012


‘Don’t stop breeding’


Once upon a time there was a

Reason to smile!

Now it’s sit up, shut up, wanna talk put your hand up

Give in to living, hell

Your future is bright

Self destruction

Light it up, breathe it in, fizzle out


Crimes I’ve witnessed

Tears can’t dry in these conditions

Pain prescriptions, our mistress

Playing dead, default position

Get up! Stop putting your back out

Begging on your knees for love

You, can’t, live, the best life that you can

Begging on your knees

Who said you’re worthy?

We said we’re worthy!

Winners, mingers, sinners

Begging on their knees for love

It ain’t cool to be desperate, ya see!

Begging on your knees

But it really hurts me

Begging on your knees for love

Like really really

Begging on your knees

12, screams, still can’t find

A way

To live

Like I

Mean something, to someone

Don’t stop breeding

We need feeding

Heart stops, it can not be alone

(Beat alone without another)

Will you let it beat another?

You’ve seen me

It all

Me bleeding, me screaming, me crawl

I can give you

No more

Our fairytale end.