Triggered Tuesday #007


'Nobody's the colour they want'


Tongue’s are bombs, words are nuclearised
Cultural prose stand like soldiers in lines
Whilst your children they kill themselves, yeah
I don’t know if these walls, will not crumble

But we don’t need
To break the skin
Words are violence
When I
Scream through you

I’m a half at least a white boy, black boy
But you’ll never be the same as them boy, you clone boy
Sticks and stones familiar tricks boy, so don’t miss boy
Don’t talk about your love for dick boy, sick boy
It’s us versus them boy, you hear boy
There’s nobody gonna shed a tear for you, brown boy, when you die boy

Rainbows choke my output
Oppressed, opressor, tyrant
MAN I’m all that you need

List the parts that I’m allowed to love
What is it of me you see when the lights are off
Quick to Hush my mouth when I, open up
Is it me or just the skin, you love

Nobody’s the colour they want
Nobody’s the colour they want
Nobody’s the colour they want
Nobody’s the colour they want

Dark grass can’t grow
His mouth’s shut, why’s his mouth shut
When we’re starved of light
Her mouth’s shut, why’s her mouth shut
So don’t wait too long
Your mouth’s shut, why’s your mouth shut
Rise above the divide
Take. Sides.

If ‘we’ win
We all LOSE