Triggered Tuesday #004

Indoor Falconry

'I can't keep screaming, all I leave belongs to you'


This leather won’t hold me up for much longer
I can’t hear someone say it gets better tomorrow
I need it now, damn it, listen
Please keep your mouth shut
Don’t dare say, (you’ve so much to give)

What can I say to make you feel better?
All that I ask’s we get, through, the night
I won’t sleep, so that, you’ll always be

But it’s moving too fast, let me off, let me off
It’s moving too fast, let me off

Life no seasoning
Heart beat but no meaning
All I need’d be gone
With you

Don’t delay
Your life’s at stake

Stop it

Is this what you wanted
All the life that you squandered
You get what is deserved
Am I not what you wanted now!?

We’re what makes us sick

Can, you feel it,
A snap, bang or crack and it’s gone
I can’t keep screaming
All I leave belongs
To you