Triggered FM #004

Strangeforms & Embargo

Triggered FM #004 - Strangeforms & Embargo

‘I wish he was here’

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Gather round in Trigger Town as we simplify Strangeforms, pick apart Embargo and generally waste your time.

Upcoming shows:

22/04/2019 - Bristol: Crofters Rights

25/04/2019 - Huddersfield: Louie’s Liquor Store

27/04/2019 - Manchester: The Peer Hat

23/06/2019 - Middlesbrough: Heelapalooza

20/07/2019 - Sheffield: Tramlines

Links of note

Strangeforms Ticket

Indoor Falconry - Blog post

Featured friends:

Nova Hands (obviously)

Body Hound


Tall Talker

Cheeky mentions:

The Guts, Profiler, Lung Money, Failed Psychics, Bad Knaves, Svalbard, Boss Keloid, And So I Watch You From Afar, A. A. Williams, Veritas Promotions & Tech Noir