Triggered FM #005

You no clean and bare mates

Triggered FM #005 - You no clean and bare mates

‘Brexit all the way’

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Welcome to the terror dome as we embark upon our biggest, most action-packed podcast to date.

Upcoming shows:

27/05/2019 - Manchester: The Peer Hat

07/06/2019 - Leeds: Fox & Newt

14/06/2019 - Bradford: Underground

23/06/2019 - Middlesbrough: Heelapalooza

28/06/2019 - Nottingham: JT SOAR

20/07/2019 - Sheffield: Tramlines

Links of note

This Is What Ignorance Does (Music Videos)

Featured friends:

St. Pierre Snake Invasion

Rabea Massad

The Marble Arches

Blazer Boccle

Memory of Elephants



Cheeky mentions:

The Guts, Profiler, Lung Money, Failed Psychics, Veritas Promotions & Tech Noir, Bad Owl, Linsey & Dan Saxon, Eve Massad, Elevation, Will ‘Rad’ Cook, The Soap Girls, EGO, I Feel Fine, Grieving, What? Nah!, Rise Wrestling